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Who are we?

LGBT History Project NE is an Unincorporated Charitable Organisation which seeks to promote the inclusiveness of LGBTQI+ history. We are a regional based organisation covering the geographical range of the North East area from Northumberland to County Durham where we hold our events. We strongly believe in free public education around LGBTQI+ histories and so we offer a range of free talks, debates, community projects and workshops. We also run events for teachers based around queer history and LGBTQI+ issues in education. In LGBT History Month (February), we run an annual public day where we bring together a wide selection of speakers and workshops which are open to all. This is to ensure that LGBTQI+ histories are no longer edited, covered up, or erased. We believe that the whole story of history should be told, not just part of it.

Is everyone welcome at our events?

All of our main events are free and are advertised on our social media and calendar. We passionately believe in public education and so we warmly welcome everybody. We strongly recommend becoming an official member of LGBT History Project NE which you can do by signing up on our 'Contact and Membership ' tab and you will receive our monthly newsletter. This will give you 'early bird' offers to our events before the public hear about them and enable you to have voting rights at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) and this will even enable you to stand as a member of our volunteer Management Committee. Click on the button below to join as a member of LGBT History Project NE.

What if I am not a member?

If you are not a member, you are still welcome at our events, but this does mean you may hear about them later than other people. We encourage everybody to become an official member of LGBT History Project NE.

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